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Ida won the FERD Riding School Cup

Proud winner Ida Vaage on the riding school horse Mr. Busy - flanked by (from left) NRYF's Tine Skoftedalen Fossing and Kristin Andresen, initiator and sponsor of the FERD Riding School Cup. Photo: Helene Gjerde Aamdal.

Eighteen riding school riders participated in the final of the FERD Riding School Cup at Gjelsten Arena June, 3rd and 4th. Proud parents and loyal supporters attentively watched from the stands. The participants once again demonstrated impressive riding skills, reflected in good scores.

The overall winner of the FERD Riding School Cup 2023 was Ida Vaage on Mr. Busy. Ida represents the Nord-Karmøy Riding Club. In second place was Ingrid-Emilie Svendgard with Kanegro-H from Skeyna Driving and Riding Club, while Tara Charlotte Antonsen Klevjer secured third place with the horse Meltvedt Mayfair Miranda. Tara is from the Drammen and Surroundings Riding Club.

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