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Four golden days

The atmosphere was electric from the first to the last second during this year's LONGINES EEF Series - Norway Grand Prix! Photo: Astrid Marie Aardal.

A total of 16 nations and nearly 400 horses competed at the recently upgraded Gjelsten Arena in Lier near Drammen over the weekend. Norwegian riders collected numerous prizes and showed that we are more than ever a nation to be reckoned with. However, in the weekend's three main classes, we had to concede victory to foreign competitors, but not without strong competition.

We also experienced how the margins can shift between advantage and defeat when seconds count and adrenaline is running high, bringing both joy and disappointment, but above all, showcasing the fascinating aspect of the sport that we hold in high regard.

After extensive upgrades, Gjelsten Arena stands today as one of the finest in Europe, and feedback from both foreign and Norwegian athletes has been unanimously positive. Now, we can simply cherish the memories and look forward to next year's Norway Grand Prix with pride and anticipation of what lies ahead!

Blue sky, sunshine, and top-class sports for four consecutive days. This year's LONGINES EEF Series - Norway Grand Prix has been an adventure for both spectators and athletes at Gjelsten Arena in Lier, June 2nd - 4th, 2023. Photo: Mette Sattrup.


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