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Save the dates for Drammen Spring Tour and a summer in Norway!

Get ready for a total of six international shows at Gjelsten Park, Norway, this outdoor season. We have great facilities with two big main arenas; Gjelsten1 and Gjelsten 2. New for this year is that the Gjelsten 2, earlier Kingsland Arena, has been renovated, so stay tuned for the reveal! The warm-up arenas both have a ceiling to maximize the comfort for both horse and rider. With beautiful surroundings and two restaurants of high quality we are exited for yet another show season here in beautiful Norway!

Dates for international shows at Linnesvollen 2023:

28 of April to 01 of May: Drammen Spring Tour Week 1 // CSI2*, CSIJ-A, CSIP, CSIYH1*

04 to 07 of May: Drammen Spring Tour Week 2 // CSI2*, CSIJ-A, CSIP, CSIYH1*

26 to 29 of May: Drammen Spring Tour Week 3 // CSI1*, CSIOCh, CSIOJ, CSIOP, CSIOY

01 to 04 of June: Norway Grand Prix // CSIO3*-Nations Cup EEF RQ, CSI1*

28 of June to 02 of July: Nordic Baltic Championship Dressage, Jumping and Para Dressage // CDI3*, CDICh-A, CDIJ, CDIP, CDIY, CPEDI3*, CSI1*, CSICh-B, CSIJ-B, CSIP, CSIY-B

01 to 03 of September: Baltic Cup // CSICh-A, CSIP, CSIU25YJ-A

We look forward to seeing you!


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